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E-GPS: One Solution, Multiple Uses 

The birth of smartphones revolutionized the way we communicate, play, work, think, surf the internet and more.  Never has a single device had the capability to replace so many others and, by leveraging E-GPS, be used for mobility services such as Road Usage Charging, quick-service restaurants, street parking, fuel or EV charging stations - anything with a payment point to associate to a vehicle and driver.  With E-GPS, your tolling solution can become a multi-application mobility-as-a-service platform limited only by your imagination. 

Image by Hannes Egler


Road Usage Charging (RUC) allows US states to address declining fuel tax revenues due to EVs.  There is no need for an aftermarket dongle or to integrate with an auto OEM connected vehicle platform.  Expedite your program launch with GeoToll E-GPS Flex, our efficiently-scalable and flexible RUC solution. 


A quick service restaurant (QSR) with drive through lane; a gas station; and EV charging center.  All have multiple places to pay, and there is a specific geographic location for each.  With GeoToll E-GPS, customer identification via precise location and time stamps means faster vehicle throughput and more orders.


Surface parking is based on zones, and whether they are free or paid, location is key in granting access, for how long, and for how much.  E-GPS can makes it easier for communities and public and private parking operators to leverage the smartphone to accurately identify and charge appropriately, while maximizing the use of available spots.

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