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Paying your tolls is easy as Ready-Set-Toll!™ with GeoToll.  All you do is download the app and drive.  When the GeoToll server determines that a vehicle associated with a particular smartphone has driven within a toll Virtual Gantry , the server uses that information to charge the toll amount to the payment processor also residing in the application.  Presently, all toll agencies experience revenue loss due to malfunctioning lane equipment and non-recognition of license plates.  GeoToll's Fail-Safe Tolling® with enhanced GPS and machine learning algorithms for improved location accuracy capture and validates the transaction, independent of lane equipment failure or non-recognition of license plates.  In other words, our smartphone-based system serves as a fail-safe, ensuring that missed transactions are found.  These transactions are defined by GeoToll as a GeoFind® transaction. 

Signing Up and Managing Your GeoToll Account Is As Easy as 1-2-3!


Click on the appropriate button below to download the Android or iOS (Apple) app to your smartphone.



All you need is a credit card and two minutes.



Start driving and let us worry about the tolls for you!


The following terms are trademarks of GeoToll and are defined as follows:

  • SmarTolling - a term to describe the entire GeoToll set of features and services which result in an accurate, paid toll.

  • GeoViz - short for "Geo Visualization," a term GeoToll uses for confirmation that a user has crossed the toll plaza / virtual gantry.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

GeoToll's E-GPS technology is the result of a vision to make tolling easier for toll agencies and drivers.  To achieve that vision requires resources, including highly-skilled technical staff doing constant research and development.  Technology is always under test by GeoToll and this has resulted in significant intellectual property and patents which GeoToll uses to protect it's investment and ensure it can continue to lead and direct the technology's evolution.  While much about E-GPS is highly technical, other elements pertaining to specific services we describe below:  

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