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For Drivers: Ready-Set-Toll! The GeoToll Solution

For Drivers: Ready-Set-Toll! The GeoToll Solution

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The new way to pay a toll, using the device you never leave home without!  GeoToll Smartphone Tolling - the New Normal. 

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Download & Drive

GeoToll combines precise toll-point accuracy with a customer experience that makes using the solution simple.

First, GeoToll is fast.  Drivers download the app, enter their license plate and payment info and it’s Ready-Set-Toll™! Drivers can replenish their accounts the same way they do today for tolling or other app-based services.  

Second, GeoToll is flexible.  Drivers can use it in any vehicle, anywhere, anytime. It is great for rental cars.  Just enter the vehicle license plate number and rental period and eliminate those high rental car toll tag surcharges.  Users can create personal and business expense categories.  GeoToll encourages carpooling and ride-sharing by making it easy for drivers to share or split tolls with and among passengers and friends.

Third, GeoToll is private.  Unlike other mobile phone solutions that may use GPS, GeoToll’s E-GPS™ is unique in that it functions only on the toll road – eliminating concerns about privacy.  This also conserves battery life, a major benefit.

Finally, GeoToll increases peace of mind.  Drivers receive immediate notifications that they passed a toll point and will have to pay a toll.  Additionally, GeoToll can provide on-the-spot notification of wrong way driving, news, weather and emergency-based road conditions – all sent only to the impacted driver.

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