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Typical Tollway Gantry


Technology sits at the heart of everything toll operators do—from traffic management to payments and customer service.  GeoToll helps system integrators and vendors deliver the innovation agencies and drivers want while building a platform for future mobility services. 

Future Proof

No one knows what the future of tolling is, but many know what it is not: dependent on tag and reader systems.  Smartphones are how people prefer to pay.  Future proof your system integration services and your client's tolling platform by incorporating GeoToll E-GPS into your suite. 


To facilitate the creation of a smartphone tolling application resident within the toll agency's ETC system, GeoToll offers integrators a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is agnostic and NOT specific to the agency's hardware platform and operating system combination.

Dual Purpose

Get more out of your  electronic toll solution investment than just tolling.  The GeoToll E-GPS Fail-SafeTolling® feature allows toll system integrators to efficiently meet system auditing requirements by offering real-time visibility into automatic vehicle identification infrastructure performance.  

To learn more about GeoToll E-GPS integration, schedule a call today.

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