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The smartphone is a foundational tool for digital transformation in transportation and tolling will benefit greatly from adopting it

Toll operators have the opportunity today to improve operations by adopting smartphones - but only if they choose the right smartphone technology.  GeoToll enhances and optimizes the management of toll-supported infrastructure.  The industry's 'new normal' is based on Enhanced-GPS (E-GPS), a GeoToll invention that delivers single-lane vehicle identification precision and millisecond-level timing that results in the most accurate, lowest-cost transaction possible.  With GeoToll, drivers avoid violations notices and fees.  Agencies save by eliminating costly pay-by-plate processes and reducing the capital costs involved in tag-based RFID tolling systems.

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GeoToll follows a logical three-part methodology:

  1. E-GPS Account-Based systems that resolve concerns about new tolling technology, such as its ability to accurately identify vehicles and remit all tolls due;

  2. Measured, opt-in E-GPS adoption and managed growth where existing toll systems remain working in place while customers begin to use E-GPS as their tolling method, and;

  3. The choice to outsource account management to GeoToll or, via an SDK, integrate E-GPS into an existing consumer toll app.  The result is an intuitive, dynamic and scalable solution that is user-friendly and affordable.

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What is an SDK?

A software development kit, or SDK, is a downloadable set of tools developers use to build applications for specific operating systems (OS). An SDK comprises everything you need to create a particular module within an app and includes libraries, tools, sample code, relevant documentation, and often application programming interfaces (APIs).  GeoToll has a free SDK for integrators to use to add E-GPS functionality to their systems.

About: Team Members


Jaime Borras, CEO & CTO

Mr. Borras is a pioneer and innovator in wireless telecommunications and comes to GeoToll with 30 years of broad experience in research and development, business, and intellectual property. He played lead roles at Wireless Silicon Group, Inc. and Mobile Technology Consortium and is highly-regarded for inventing and implementing new technologies and breakthrough products that drive emerging markets. Jaime served as a Motorola Senior Fellow, Corporate Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer of iDEN Mobile Devices.  Major accomplishments include: integrated circuit designs for the 1st generation cellular phone; technical development and commercialization of the first Push-To-Talk multi-function iDEN phone, and; developing the 4th generation smartphone with multiple radio protocols (WiMAX, Wi-Fi, CDMA, Bluetooth and GPS) with special focus on multimedia, entertainment, and social networking apps. Jaime has authored 60 United States utility patents and over 50 publications.  His honors include three “Patent of the Year” awards for the iDEN Technology, Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, and selection as one of the top 50 Most Important Hispanics in Business and Technology.  Jaime holds degrees from Florida Atlantic University (dual Bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in EE) and a Business diploma from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. A strong advocate of outreach to young people, Jaime is active in programs such as Viva Technology, which advances science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) awareness among students.

Richard Carrier, Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Carrier has had an extensive career in private company formation, management and leadership, with companies that serve the government sector. Richard is Founder and ex-President of Law Enforcement Systems, Inc. (LES), a leading provider of delinquent account collection and information services to tolling and parking violations agencies in the US and Canada.  Under LES and now Penn Credit, his DMVInfoNow registered-owner retrieval service has/is enabling over 20 toll agencies to identify and initiate billing to out-of-state motorists. Richard is a subject matter expert in best practices for tolling back-office operations, billing, and collection services. He is a long-time IBTTA and International Parking Institute member.  Richard holds an MBA from the Gabelli Graduate School of Business Administration in New York City.

Tim McGuckin, Chief Strategy Officer

As a strategist in a complex world, Tim prefers a broad horizon instead of one-sided specialization.  Informing his perspective is more than two decades of participation and thought leadership in the transportation policy and technology community where he has founded or led organizations that advanced the state of the practice of payment systems, connected vehicles and Mobility as a Service.  He sees new technology in the hands of forward thinking people as the key to success in transportation planning and operations.  Tim is GeoToll’s Chief Strategy Officer and past CEO of A-to-Be USA, a mobility services solutions provider. Tim founded the OmniAir Consortium in 2003 where, with toll, auto OEM, RFID & DSRC suppliers and others.  OmniAir offers V2X / C2X interoperability testing and certification.  Tim was IBTTA’s first Director of Technology Programs and ran international committees and organized technology summits addressing critical issues in payment services.  He began his career at American Trucking Associations where he worked to improve freight mobility in urban areas.  He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Urban Planning from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.


Wyatt Geist, Chairman, Founder, Key Advisor

Mr. Geist is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of inventing, developing, and launching disruptive technology products.  He has had multiple successful business sales to Fortune 500 companies and recruited and developed the technical team to develop GeoToll’s technology from initial concept. He then formed the sales and executive team to execute marketing and deployment of the technology, securing pilots with major toll agencies along the way.

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