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Vehicle driving on intelligent and connected highway
The word Mobility

One Solution, Multiple Uses

Smartphones are ubiquitous and their ability to integrate various technologies into a single device is one of the key reasons for their success.  With features like high-quality cameras, fast processors, advanced sensors, location awareness and various wireless communication options, smartphones are perfectly suited for all sorts of applications.  Add the vast range of apps and you have a uniquely versatile and indispensable tool with unlimited capability and potential.  Now, through leveraging E-GPS, GeoToll has made your smartphone into more than a toll solution: it is a multi-application mobility services platform.  Scroll down to learn about two ways GeoToll is leveraging E-GPS to improve sustainability and operations. 


Electric Car

Road Usage Charging (RUC) allows US states to address declining fuel tax revenues due to EVs.  There is no need for an aftermarket dongle or to integrate with an auto OEM connected vehicle platform.  Expedite your program launch with GeoToll E-GPS Flex, our efficiently-scalable and flexible RUC solution. 

Fact: RUC programs will fail if they cannot efficiently scale. To learn more, please download our white paper, "The Fundamentals of Road Usage Charging Success: A Comparative Look at Smartphone, Dongle and In-Vehicle Telematics."


GeoCheck Pic.png

ETC is a convenient and efficient way to collect tolls, but systems have challenges, such as missed transactions due to lane equipment issues.  As soon as components are installed, they begin to degrade.  At some point they fail, sometimes without being detected.  The result is lost revenue.  GeoCheck saves agencies money by helping them regularly and efficiently check, detect and correct issues.

GeoCheck™, based on GeoToll’s E-GPS technology, provides an important part of a comprehensive assessment of an ETC system: the automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technologies used to create a transaction.  GeoCheck™ helps agencies know the equipment works.  For more information, please click on the icon to the right.

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