About Us

About Us

GeoToll is a transportation technology and services company, founded with the goal of providing toll facility operators and the driving public with a new customer-focused mobile solution for tolling.



GeoToll’s solution brings the full benefits of interoperability to the electronic tolling industry by leveraging the growing ubiquity of the most widespread electronic device on the planet – the smartphone – and merging it with our patent-pending enhanced GPS technology, or “e-GPS.”

GeoToll’s solution follows a three-part approach:

  • E-GPS and Account-Based systems that resolve key concerns about new tolling technology, like accuracy in identifying transactions and security in guaranteeing 100% of payments
  • Opt-in ETC (electronic toll collection) growth where the existing toll system remains in place with new users utilizing the feature-rich, customizable GeoToll app
  • Flexible Back Office Services with the option of outsourcing customer service and account management to GeoToll, if desired

GeoToll intends to work with toll operators and their system integrators to offer an interoperable mobile payment solution that will be more dynamic, user-friendly, and affordable than standard tag-based systems now in place.

We anticipate helping toll agencies increase ETC penetration rates by integrating with their current electronic toll collection systems to offer a complementary payment option to motorists – a win-win for everyone.

At GeoToll, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics.

The GeoToll Code of Conduct serves as a compass that guides the actions of our employees, directors, and business partners, ensuring consistent and uncompromising integrity as we build world-class tolling solutions and trusted relationships throughout the world.

We also understand our responsibility as a new participant in the transportation community, and that our people and products extend to those communities. Our investment in responsible business practices takes many forms—from ethical governance to our commitment to inclusion, focus on value, and our pledge to provide our clients and their customers with the best possible products and services.

We will strive to make a positive impact in the greater transportation community – with tolling agencies and facility operators as well as the people who use their toll roads, with the companies who work with tolling agencies providing systems and services, and with the communities and environments in which we work.

The goal is to strive for the best possible outcomes for everyone involved and, within the context of our strategic objectives, position not only GeoToll for success, but also our customers and partners.