GeoAudit™, based on the combination of GeoToll’s E-GPS technology and Smart Data Analytics AI engine, provides an important part of a comprehensive assessment of a toll collection system, namely the automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technologies used to create a toll transaction.

GeoAudit™ helps agencies know if the RFID and ALPR equipment in their network is functioning and that all vehicles that should be identified are being identified. Further the system can ingest the current transaction records and can match the software issues such as wrong charge for a specific toll plaza, or a multiple charge for a single toll point crossing.

The Power of GeoToll’s Smart Data Analytics AI Engine

The main focal point of GeoAudit™ is its smart Data Analytics Engine. The system can inject the current transaction record over a specific period for specified tolling locations. The analytics system can set up the dynamic pricing server. The system then automatically computes anomalies within the data identifying the errors. Examples of such errors are:

Duplicate Transaction Detection

Charging a transaction twice (as a duplicate transaction).

Wrong Charge Detection

Wrong charge (over or under charge) associated with a transaction.

Wrong Axle Count Detection

Wrong axle count for a vehicle when charging.

GeoAudit™ Features

The combination of these systems result in a powerful report which can accurately provide the overall health of the system based on the scripted Toll transactions. Such report will comprise for several level of measures such as:

  • Vehicle detection accuracy
    • Lane assignment
    • Vehicle classification accuracy
    • Vehicle read accuracy
      • Duplicate transaction reconciliation
      • Missing transaction recognition
      • Vehicle classification check
    • Timing issues with transaction reporting
      • Toll transaction recording accuracy
      • Transaction recording timing delay check
  • OCR capture accuracy
    • License plate capture accuracy
    • Image recording
    • Image transmission