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The smartphone is a foundational tool for digital transformation in transportation and tolling will benefit greatly from adopting it


Toll operators have the opportunity today to improve operations by adopting smartphones - but only if they choose the right smartphone technology.  GeoToll enhances and optimizes the management of toll-supported infrastructure.  The industry's 'new normal' is based on Enhanced-GPS (E-GPS), a GeoToll invention that delivers single-lane vehicle identification precision and millisecond-level timing that results in the most accurate, lowest-cost transaction possible.  With GeoToll, drivers avoid violations notices and fees.  Agencies save by eliminating costly pay-by-plate processes and reducing the capital costs involved in tag-based RFID tolling systems.

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GeoToll follows a logical three-part methodology:

  1. E-GPS Account-Based systems that resolve concerns about new tolling technology, such as its ability to accurately identify vehicles and remit all tolls due;

  2. Measured, opt-in E-GPS adoption and managed growth where existing toll systems remain working in place while customers begin to use E-GPS as their tolling method, and;

  3. The choice to outsource account management to GeoToll or, via an SDK, integrate E-GPS into an existing consumer toll app.  The result is an intuitive, dynamic and scalable solution that is user-friendly and affordable.

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What is an SDK?

A software development kit, or SDK, is a downloadable set of tools developers use to build applications for specific operating systems (OS). An SDK comprises everything you need to create a particular module within an app and includes libraries, tools, sample code, relevant documentation, and often application programming interfaces (APIs).  GeoToll has a free SDK for integrators to use to add E-GPS functionality to their systems.

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