E-GPS 101: How it Works and Why It’s the Future

The smartphone has emerged as a foundational tool for digital transformation in the public sector. Transportation is an area that will benefit greatly from wider smartphone use. Transportation agencies can now deploy a new smartphone toll payment technology – one tested repeatedly and working as well as or better than RFID – to manage toll revenues and optimize toll operations. The technology is GeoToll’s E-GPS technology.

The purpose of this series of posts is to educate agencies and operators – or just the pain curious – about GeoToll’s toll payment solution called “E-GPS.” Following is a high-level look at the technology and its impact on toll operations. Should this pique your curiosity, GeoToll would be pleased to get together for a more detailed conversation.

GeoToll E-GPS is the lowest-cost, most accurate method of tolling. While we’re very proud of what we built, we know the proof is ‘in the pudding.’ Therefore, we are pleased provide the results of our most recent tests at LA Metro Express Lanes and Bay Area Toll Authority. We are convinced that you will see GeoToll technology can allow any agency to confidently deploy a world class mobile tolling solution that meets customer expectations while simultaneously ensuring that all toll revenues expected are collected.